Dérive Collection Multi-Function Graphene Heating Performance Jacket designed not only to be worn during winter, but also competent with outdoor activities, and travel use as it comes with 12 versatile pockets, offering you an unmatched ability to carry more securely. Fully reversible design with 2 style contrast makes it a perfect fit for both outdoor and city.







Integrated Graphene Heating System

We have designed graphene-based ink, which can be printed on fabrics that can be a wash, heated, wrinkled, and twisted without damaging the circuit

Programming it to operate on 3 different temperature levels; 65°C, 50°C, 35°C. Control the temperature at your fingertips with a single button, saving you the hassle of taking off the jacket from indoors to outdoors.

Alternatively, use it for heat training, Heat training has been demonstrated in numerous studies to improve aerobic exercise performance.

It can be powered by any 5v2a(regular USB port) powerbank, and completely washable in any washing machine

Fully reversible

Our fully reversible jacket allows you to have multi-functionality for high-performance wear. Switch it up whenever you feel like it, either in rugged black or cool silver to complement your style.

The high-collar design is perfect for high-impact sports like skiing.


Nobel Prize Winning Material

- Graphene

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov from University of Manchester won the Nobel Prize in Physics for groundbreaking experiments pioneering the two-dimensional graphene material research.


They isolated graphene from a piece of graphite such as is found in ordinary pencils with just a regular adhesive tape.


This wonder material is not only the thinnest (only one atom thick) but also the strongest material known to man. On top of that, graphene is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.



Versatile water-resistant pockets

3x massive hidden pockets

allowing you to travel and city roam without a bag. 

7x fully sealed water-proof pockets

to keep all your stuff safe and dry.

2x easily accessible hidden safety-pockets

on the lower arm for your valuable items.


Go anywhere with everything you need at your fingertips!


Functional textile and design

The outer shell of the jacket is made with ballistic nylon, highly durable and resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuff. 


To ensure you'll stay dry we've coated both sides of the jacket with Teflon, making it water- and stainproof while also allowing great breathability. Airmesh fabric on the inner arm allows maximum mobility, flexibility, and breathability whenever you're in action.

An insulating layer of Polar fleece made with recycled plastic is added under the rugged black side and will protect you from the cold by trapping air between the fibers.


High Collar

We've come up with a high collar design that's compatible with ocean racing marine jackets.


Our collars are ergonomically shaped to provide maximum comfort, even if you have a beard.




Our jacket comes with built-in extra-soft knitted gloves that easily slides in and out of the sleeves to keep your hands warm.

Female version!

Due to the high demand for our pre-campaign, we have come up with a female version that's not just a smaller size version of the male jacket but it's redesigned to look good on women.


We've added a feminine touch to it. We've removed the rugged black chest line and added a curvy design on the waist to give a slimming visual effect.


Double reversible waterproof zippers which allow you to zip up and down from both ends.