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The Lazy Starter Pack

We would like to introduce, the complete Lazy Starter Pack, with style. A minimalist wallet, and ultra-sleek double-sided organizing book strap, both made with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, for on-the-go convenience. The package also includes a bullet journal that's jam-packed with accessories for effortless setup.

The Lazy Starter Pack comes with 3 colours, Sleek Black, Aesthetic Green, and Classic Brown.

The super handy dandy on-the-go organizing book strap allows you to easily carry and organize your essentials, stationeries, and daily gadgets.

It’s double-sided and comes with a bunch of compartments.

Sexy and flexible, all in one.

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Speaking of flexibility and convenience, isn’t bringing our big ass wallet around is just too inconvenient. 

So we decided to include the lazy [minimalist] wallet into our lazy starter pack.

The wallet comes with 2 primary card pockets, a bigger pocket for more cards or cash, and a money clip for more cash. It fits perfectly in the strap compartment.

The lazy strap & minimalist wallet are made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. *chemical free*

Uncovering the Beauty of Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Full-grain leather is the outermost layer of cowhide that has not been embossed or heavily sanded down. It comprises the most closely packed fibre layers and makes it the toughest leather material. It could last for a lifetime if it’s been taken good care of.

We chose vegetable tanning as it is a process that comes from nature and returns to nature in full harmony. An entirely organic tanning method is natural and biodegradable.

patina before after trial_day2 0803.png

Full-grain vegetable-tanned leather absorbs our traces, changes and develops rich and unique patina with the passage of time.

In our current throw-away, disposable, consumer society, most people can't imagine a product that lasts a lifetime - and even improves with age.

Choosing a product made with this leather means owning an article that is the expression of a unique and unrepeatable philosophy and lifestyle.

Adapting Bullet Journaling in the Laziest Way

Introducing the Lazy Book, a bullet journal organizational system based notebook that can be fully customized to fit your lifestyle and own preference.

The objective of the book isn't to help you achieve your life goals but to build the habit of being organized, to encourage you to get your shit done in the most "lazy" way.

The Lazy Book comes with awesome features and accessories such as:

✔️  Built-in Mini White Board on cover page, for quick doodles, to jot down notes during group discussion or brainstorming

✔️  Elastic Strap, that could be use as bookmark or to hold the notebook open during windy days

✔️  Effortless Setup Sticker Template, including 2021 & 2022 calendar

✔️  Back Pocket to store important paper and document

✔️  Elastic Pen Holder

✔️  Dual Ribbon Bookmarks

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